HHS Integration

Transactional to Transformational

Most of the resources in our Human Service programs are geared toward eligibility determination and the continued provision of safety-net benefits to those eligible.

Clarity Solutions Group believes that eligibility should be the starting line, not the finish line, for the families we serve.

Learn how the right blend of technology solutions and business process improvements can help you shift more time, effort and resources from transactional to transformational efforts that will move families and communities forward.

The Public Human Service System is both INCREDIBLY CRITICAL and HIGHLY COMPLEX. Essential services are provided to millions, yet often in disparate manners and through multiple access points.

Together we can create Family-Centered HHS Integration


Imagine a seamless front door for clients with cross-program data sharing to communicate and engage more effectively…

…where text messages are sent to newly pregnant mothers on Medicaid for WIC outreach and recruitment…

…and LI-HEAP is access automatically using Medicaid or SNAP data to verify eligibility…

…and Child Welfare workers have better insight into the families they serve…

Virtual Integration

While projects in any of these categories are important, single systems no longer account for the holistic experience of consumers or front-line workers. Instead, the key to transformation lies in the integration of technologies, processes and programs.

At Clarity Solutions Group, we like to talk about this as “Virtual Integration,” which can include:

  • Vertical integration across multiple technology stacks (e.g. Integrated Eligibility, Document Management, and Contact Centers)

  • Horizontal integration across multiple agencies and programs (e.g. SNAP, WIC, HEAP)