Practice Areas

Clarity Solutions Group can support and guide your transformational efforts across a variety of domains.  

We are uniquely experienced and qualified in a number of important practice areas.

Consumer Engagement Technologies

A “one size fits all” approach does not work for today’s diverse clientele.  It’s important to balance traditional “brick and mortar” operations with digital offerings such as omni-channel contact centers, IVRs, web portals, and mobile apps.

Performance & Data Management

Data in our HHS programs is often difficult to obtain and even more challenging to make sense of.  Interactive, timely and actionable data analytics can help you understand, transform, and manage at all levels of your organization.

Document Management & Workflow

Verifications, documents, and tasks are a mixture of paper and digital elements and can come from a variety of sources.  A robust solution to efficiently capture, categorize, and complete the associated work is essential in today’s HHS program operations.

Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the way that work is done, and the HHS sector is no exception.  Moving forward, a structured and standardized environment for remote work will be crucial for maintaining a talented and dedicated front-line workforce.

Business Process Optimization

New technology is not always the only, or best solution to your challenges.  In many cases, the issue may be that the underlying business processes driving our work are in need of improvement or redesign.

Integrated Eligibility Systems

Eligibility determination will always be a critical component for HHS programs.  Ongoing system modernization efforts provide the opportunity to align eligibility policies and processes across multiple programs and technologies.

What Programs & Policies Are We Experienced With?




Publicly Funded

Child Support

Child Welfare

Mental Health and Addiction Services

Public Health

Workforce Development




Refugee and Immigrant Services

Non-Emergency Transportation (NET)