Print & Mail Management

The Medicaid Unwinding process has brought postal mail to the forefront of the HHS conversation.

Learn how a modernized approach to print and mail can reduce churn and improve client outcomes.

Cleanse and Update

  • Identify moves and new addresses through USPS NCOALink® (48 months)
  • Find people who don’t report moves to USPS (40-50%) through 3rd parties like Drivers License Bureaus, magazine subscriptions, credit card and utility companies (60 months)
  • Standardize, Complete, Correct, and Repair addresses via USPS® CASS™ and Delivery Point Validation (DPV®)
  • Update Addresses regularly and “Just in Time” as part of the print and mail stream

Send and Track

  • Add customized logos and messages on envelopes to attract recipient attention
  • End-to-End, Case-Level tracking of mail through Intelligent Mail® barcoding (IMB)
  • Manage and prepare for call volume by knowing delivery status of mailings
  • Support hybrid workforces with a Virtual Print Driver for Desktop integration into central print and mail streams
  • Keep everyone updated with customized reports and dashboards on mail and overall renewal status

Nudge and Follow Up

  • Collect change of addresses online from enrollees and automatically reprint and send packets
  • Dispose of Undeliverable mail through USPS BlueEarth Secure Destruction Program
  • Receive and Integrate USPS® Nixie (Undeliverable) code information via daily report
  • Prompt enrollees to respond with companion text, voice, email, and other print messages
  • Automate all required activities to comply with the FFCRA Returned Mail Condition

Receive and Process

  • Include Business Reply envelopes, with IMB for Inbound Tracking
  • Personalize IVRs and Call Centers for prioritized call handling
  • Integrate with industry-standard E-Signature tools
  • Automate indexing and categorization of all incoming documents
  • Offer enrollees multiple options for submission channels (mail, phone, digital)
  • Confirm Renewal Receipt through Automated Messaging for Enrollee peace of mind
  • Leverage QR Codes, PURLs, and USPS Informed Delivery® to bridge the print and digital gap